At a meeting in Tampa where there were more than 120 people, those who were using the coffee or tea for more than a month reported losing on average one pound per week.  The Chinese herb Ganoderma is reported to decrease the appetite.

Obesity is a major health issue worldwide.  Losing weight with the help of  Organo Gold healthy coffee is just one of the benefits of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum which is part of all Organo Gold products.

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You are going to love the healthy coffee.  If you prefer there is a wonderful green tea and hot chocolate. Personally I look forward to my Organo Gold Coffee and often use the Mocha or Latte flavored for a nice drink later in the day.

If you drink coffee you will be very happy you started drinking Organo Gold Coffee
If you drink tea, you will be very happy with Organo Gold Green Tea.

How To Order Organo Gold

I think the best value if you have a product usage interest is buying the Bronze Pack.  If you like the idea of sharing the benefits of Organo Gold and building your own home based business then you want to “go gold” at the start.  If you don’t like either of these ideas, buy a couple boxes at retail. No matter what your preference, you will love how you feel with Organo Gold. Click Here To Order

Organo Gold Black Diamond David Imonitie and Build Business Profits Expert and Independent Organo Gold Healthy Coffee distributor Steve Pohlit

Fast Start Your Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Experience With The Help of My Personal Bonus Guarantee

Click Here and then look for the Join Link at the top. FYI….I knew I wanted  this product line and I knew I wanted to share this wonderful Organo Gold Coffee and Organo Gold Product line with others. So I came in Gold.  I recognize most are a bit more skeptical so pick the Silver or Bronze Pak. Then complete the autoship for the next month for at least $100 and submit . That is all there is to it.

My Organo Gold Personal Bonus Guarantee: I Would Love To Have You Join Me In This Business and Here Is One Way I Demonstrate My Confidence in the Products and Company:

Use your favorite products for a month. I mean really use them. This means at least 2-3 cups per day. At the end of 30 days if you are not happy, send me all your unopened product and I will buy it back from you as follows.

Bronze Pak – Up to $100
Silver Pak – Up to $300
Gold Pak – Up to $800

Note all product sent back to me must be in resalable like new condition. Before you send anything back be sure to call me so we can discuss your experience.  If you don’t call me before you send it back there will be no refund. Click Here To Order

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold Coffee is Your Healthy Coffee and it is healthy coffee because the coffee is a delivery system for Ganoderma Lucidum ….the number one Chinese herb for thousands of years. It is the most in-demand herb in the world because of it’s health benefits. Click Here and check it out for your self.

I will be happy to help you get some” ……coffee

This Is Major: Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Tastes Great

Steve Pohlit

Independent Distributor

Not Just Coffee

Organo Gold Green Tea, Organo Gold Hot Chocolate. Visit Organo Gold Healthy Coffee, Healthy Green Tea and Healthy Hot Chocolate Web Site For More Information…Just Click Here

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