Every week I meet people who are sharing their weight loss experience with Organo Gold Healthy Coffee. This is the easy to follow, easy to remember three step process:

1. 10 minutes or so before your morning meal drink one cup of Organo Gold Healthy Coffee …or healthy tea if you prefer
2. 10 minutes or so before your mid-day meal drink one cup of Organo Gold Healthy Coffee …or healthy tea if you prefer
3. 10 minutes or so before your evening meal drink one cup of Organo Gold Healthy Coffee …or healthy tea if you prefer

It is my experience as well as others who drink Organo Gold before meals that you do not feel as hungry and you feel energized. This is not the same reaction to drinking another beverage that has caffeine. Remember the Ganoderma Lucidum herb in the coffee along with the acid being removed from the Organo Gold coffee actually allows people who have been advised to reduce their caffeine intake or eliminate it to enjoy coffee or tea again. You will feel a very nice energy flow and not the peaks and valleys many experience with caffeine.

My Favorite Organo Gold Healthy Coffee

The healthy coffee I drink the most is The King which is the all organic healthy coffee plus organic Ganoderma Lucedum spores.  When I am home, which has not been a lot lately, I make Jamaican Blue which is awesome and the only coffee brewed at this time. I have some for personal consumption as Jamaican Blue is not readily available yet.  I really enjoy the Mocha  healthy coffee blend and use that if I have any healthy coffee later in the day. The Latte healthy coffee and the Black healthy coffee are the two highest sellers and of course I enjoy them as well.  A surprise for me is the hot chocolate which is absolutely marvelous.  Green tea is offered and I know a lot of people who love it.

My Latest Experience With Organo Gold Healthy Coffee

Mental clarity is particularly noticeable for me.  I just finished a five trip out and back to Spokane Washington.  Came home for a day and a half and left for the Midwest for 3 days and 2 nights.  I don’t think there was one day where I slept more than 5 hours. However, my energy level was very good and I felt “on my game” for my business coaching and real estate investing clients.  I keep coming to the same conclusion: I feel better and I am more effective in my work because of Organo Gold.  There is only one way for you to know if it has the same results and that is to order some.  I recommend 2-4 cups a day for two months.  Now if you do this, discontinue using regular coffee. Then see how you feel.

How To Order Organo Gold

I think the best value if you have a product usage interest is buying the Bronze Pack.  If you like the idea of sharing the benefits of Organo Gold then you want to “go gold” at the start.  If you don’t like either of these ideas, buy a couple boxes at retail. No matter what your preference, you will love how you feel with Organo Gold. Click Here To Order

Organo Gold Black Diamond David Imonitie and Build Business Profits Expert and Independent Organo Gold Healthy Coffee distributor Steve Pohlit

Fast Start Your Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Experience With The Help of My Personal Bonus Guarantee

Click Here and then look for the Join Link at the top. FYI….I knew I wanted  this product line and I knew I wanted to share this wonderful Organo Gold Coffee and Organo Gold Product line with others. So I came in Gold.  I recognize most are a bit more skeptical so pick the Silver or Bronze Pak. Then complete the autoship for the next month for at least $100 and submit . That is all there is to it.

My Organo Gold Personal Bonus Guarantee

Use your favorite products for a month. I mean really use them. This means at least 2-3 cups per day. At the end of 30 days if you are not happy, send me all your unopened product and I will buy it back from you as follows.

Bronze Pak – Up to $100
Silver Pak – Up to $200
Gold Pak – Up to $600

Note all product sent back to me must be in resalable like new condition. Before you send anything back be sure to call me so we can discuss your experience.  If you don’t call me before you send it back there will be no refund. Click Here To Order

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold Coffee is Your Healthy Coffee and it is healthy coffee because the coffee is a delivery system for Ganoderma Lucidum ….the number one Chinese herb for thousands of years. It is the most in-demand herb in the world because of it’s health benefits. Click Here and check it out for your self.

I will be happy to help you get some” ……coffee

This Is Major: Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Tastes Great

Steve Pohlit
Independent Distributor

Not Just Coffee

Organo Gold Green Tea, Organo Gold Hot Chocolate. Visit Organo Gold Healthy Coffee, Healthy Green Tea and Healthy Hot Chocolate Web Site For More Information…Just Click Here

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  • Verda Warren says:

    I joined just to get the cheap price.I can’t sell it as it would interfere witn my old age pension and I’M in a seniors apt and if you make any extra money they put my rent up.but I give customes over to the one that sponsered me.

  • JAMES HINGA says:

    Hey Steve,
    Thanks for sharing your story above!…guess what my weight from 93kgs to 82 kgs its not a joke in 3 months.am for sure amazed by the fact av never tried the OG products before =but they are working on me.
    Trying to make more nmarkets in middle east and the response is amazing !!..

    we better paint the earth with OG colurs coz this the only opportunity we have to be wealthy and healthy.


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